Craig Tuckerman

Craig Tuckerman

NAHB Master Custom Builder since 2002, 2013 Building Industry Association Board of Trustee, 2011-2013 Ohio Residential Construction Advisory Committee, BIA Member since 1993, 2009 BIA Next Generation Builder of the Year, 2009 BIA Service Provider of the Year, 2005 BIA Builder of the Year,  2004 BIA President.

Craig demonstrates outstanding commitment to promoting the objectives of the BIA and the best interests of the housing industry. He has an impeccable industry reputation including ethical business practices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 14:39

Don't Miss the Parade!

If you plan on visiting the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes...

The Tuckerman Home Group supports the BIA Parade of Homes as a yearly centerpiece of the Columbus home-buying experience.  We have proudly participated in parades in 2006, 2008, 2010, and built the Parade Foundation House for charity in 2011.  Always an excellent opportunity for buyers and builders, it is also a showcase of the latest trends/feedback, and simply fun.  This year we invite you all to an open house of our new model at Wentworth Crossing, New Albany, OH in the spirit of the Parade.

Thursday, 28 February 2013 13:59

Changes to the Residential Code of Ohio

Fireproofing, Energy, Drainage, and More...

On February 22, 2013 Craig Tuckerman and Phil Hill attended a class on new changes to the Residential Code of Ohio (RCO) at the New Albany Building Department.  The New Albany Building Inspectors who hosted the class were very knowledgable and displayed their willingness to work with the professional builders in attendance to collaboratively achieve everyone's best interest: stronger, safer, and more efficient housing.

The layman or laywoman would be pleased to know that just about every element of a Tuckerman Home is highly researched, approved, and installed in accordance with standards administered by various professional and regulatory organizations.  Here are a few of those organizations discussed in the meeting...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 16:52

Coming Soon to Central College Road

Welcome to Wentworth Crossing, New Albany.

A dozen beautiful home sites from the Tuckerman Home Group located in the heart of the New Albany links area, with exclusive and unique zoning and architecture. Also enjoy access to highly acclaimed New Albany-Plain schools featuring state of the art facilities and outstanding academic and athletic programs. Near several Fortune 500 Airport and downtown Columbus.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 16:33

CNBC: Builders Not Meeting Demand

We're Trying!

Some great analysis today on fundamental housing market dynamics as old as the hammer and nail: when demand rises and supply shrinks, prices go up.  While you don't need a degree in economics from The Ohio State University to understand this, CNBC does some great reporting on the finer points.  For instance, market segmentation between distressed properties, used homes, and new builds from builders adds some depth to the picture of rising costs.  Also of note is, despite the local market's hit in 2008, prices are on the rise everywhere--even in those areas not swamped with foreclosures like Columbus.  CNBC claims builders aren't building fast enough--if they only knew what The Tuckerman Home Group was accomplishing in Wentworth Crossing!  Read the whole article within.

Friday, 22 February 2013 13:38

WSJ Report on Lumber Costs

Is the Public Aware of this Trend?

U.S. benchmark prices for lumber could rise around another 25% this year, according to Capital Economics, which added lumber to its coverage of agricultural commodities on Monday. “We think that the price of lumber could rise further this year and possibly reach fresh highs, as three key factors which forced prices higher over 2012 have further to run,” said Tom Pugh, commodities economist at Capital Economics, in a note.

Friday, 22 February 2013 13:25

The Columbus Comeback

From Time Magazine

If you ever wonder what kind of economic development might be accomplished in this country with more bipartisan cooperation, consider Columbus, Ohio. This low-key, Middle American metropolis of about 800,000 is becoming something of a celebrity city, talked up in a recent New York Times Magazine piece on the success of Ohio and visited more than a dozen times by presidential and vice-presidential candidates. No wonder. After taking a dive during the recession, Columbus has roared back, with the metro area creating more new jobs than any other city in Ohio over the past two years. In many ways, it's a model for what an economy can do when you admit that growth isn't about tax cuts and austerity but about both streamlining government and investing public money in the right things.

Freeze/Thaw & Chemical Attack

Its winter. Water turns to ice and it expands. When this occurs in the tiny pores of the concrete, the concrete becomes distressed and degrades. This occurs more rapidly with each next freeze/thaw cycle. Driving or parking on a snowy surface compacts the snow powder into ice. Thus its important to remove ice and snow from concrete slabs as promptly as possible after snowstorms. Its just as critical to protect concrete from abuse by pet urine, fertilizers, radiator overflow, repeated hosing, or de-icing agents, such as road salt that can drip from vehicles. All of these items can cause spalling (chipping of the surface) of concrete. Never put any calcium or salt products on any concrete surfaces.

Thursday, 31 January 2013 15:58

Permit Positive

New Dispatch, New Report on Housing

How do you like the new Dispatch format?  People we talk to are pretty positive about it and if you saw the front page today, well, its pretty positive too.

"More jobs, low interest rates and rising rents are helping drive home construction. The improving market also means that homeowners are finally able to sell their homes, allowing them to buy a new one."

Here is the Tuckerman Home Group review of this latest news by the numbers...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 21:05

Sales Soar!

2012 Optimism & 2013 Opportunities

In September we posted about the strong year for home sales we are enjoying locally. As a followup, we can say due to great reporting from the Columbus Dispatch and Jim Weiker that as a region Central Ohio sold more homes than at any time since 2005. 2005?! That was before the 'Great Recession' so some investigation remains for market dynamics between 2005-2008. Regardless, this is great news for Columbus, Ohio, and the nation as is described below in the source article from the Dispatch. In short, sales, prices, optimism up; inventory, interest rates down. What a combination.

Thursday, 10 January 2013 17:53

Mindful Maintenance #1: Sump Pumps in Winter

Easily Avoid Wet Basements and Fried Motors

It's that time of year again, when icy cold conditions can cause a cascading home maintenance nightmare for the uninformed.  Knowledge is power and we learned this one a decade ago while observing a mysterious geyser outside one of our recently built homes in Westerville.

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 21:25

New Year, New Home

Happy 2013 Greater Columbus

We have some attractive lots available if this post's headline catches your eye.  We are constantly aquiring more as well in communities like Wentworth Crossing, New Albany Links, the Village at Hannah Farms, and elsewhere in Dublin, New Albany, and around Columbus.

If you would like a new home this year with no new designs, no new neighbors, and no money spent, then you can read all about how to freshen your current castle to brighten your mood HERE.  It contains plenty of easy tips to transform your space -- especially important if you did not get out of the region and travel this winter.  The snow is piling up and a change of scenery can be critical!

Friday, 23 November 2012 17:13

Living next to a Tuckerman Construction Site

Happy Holidays All,

We are happy to convey a first hand report of how we maintain and manage our jobsites from a family living next door to one:

"Mike and I were little nervous with the construction next to our house...

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