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How to Enjoy the Process & Understand the Timeline of Ohio Construction

Please enjoy the informative slideshow above as you take the journey through excavation, site work, framing, mechanical fitting, and finishing a custom home build outside New Albany, Ohio.

Many thanks to our trade partners in the construction of this beautiful custom floorplan. The care and attention our team A-Z showed on the job is not the exception but rather the rule and standard in every Tuckerman Home.

As your builder, you can count on the members of my team to be approachable, accessible and involved. We're not a production builder. We believe in providing extra service — from our first meeting, continuing through each step along the way, to our homeowner care after closing. That's why we're on-site, every day, dawn to dusk, monitoring and directing the process. That's the basis of my business. That's how I believe the best homes are built. Because what's important to you, is important to me.

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